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?? If You Have Moles On One of These 7 Places On Your Body It Has Surprising Meaning

Face moles and its meaning. Moles on Body, Meaning & Their Hidden Astro-Secrets

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Mole on left ankle means the person is religiously inclined towards God. There are apparently real life cases where someone may have a red blotch around their ankle indicating someone dragged them in their past life. He had actually lived as someone else according to the reporters of the story!

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Moles may be large, medium or small in size. Asymmetry — Normal moles can be cut into two halves that look largely similar B: When you see dark irregular growths that have reddish-brown to black color, you should alert your dermatologist or doctor.

What are Birthmarks?

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Moles are usually round in shape, but they can also be oval or irregular in shape. A mole on breast is usually, brown, black or red. They are not cancer.


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Skin colored moles are very common. Where the mole is being removed for health concerns, the health policy is likely to cover it. This will ensure that the scar that results is least visible and that the mole is not replaced by an ugly scar.

What Do Birthmarks & Moles Tell?

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