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We really paid attention to the music, the production, and really put ourselves into it. They wanted strippers and models but I said 'No.

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Some women think I'm male-bashing but, no, my music is majority for men. A lot of things happened within the crew that didn't permit for things to happen or for albums to come out.

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All my songs are bold and sexual. Every week, we would record at my parents' house so everybody would be over there. We're going up against Doug E. We were more concerned about important topics and relating more from a woman's standpoint.

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She says, 'She's still in the eighth grade. But this album had more of Salt-N-Pepa's touch. Here's our growth and our second approach to it. We were in Eden [Park].

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I was meet local trannys amalgamate and go my weight around community I had a vastly interconnect then. Headed Brown Day fellaa Confident [can] strike twice but it's not thinking to be the same extent or come at the same degree.

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She was writing to beats right in front of me, and there were a million things going on, but Nicki was totally focused. It was just a whole Ellenwood thing.


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