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Flat Tappet Cams need Zinc -here is why

Flat tappet vs roller cam. Roller vs. Flat Tappet Cams: Which is Better for Your Chevy?

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One reason for that outdated theory is that hydraulic roller lifters are tall and heavy compared to flat tappet lifters, and also prone to pump-up. First of all, the reliability factor by itself is almost enough to justify a few hundred extra dollars. We recently upgraded the heads from GM iron to freer-flowing aluminum Edelbrock pieces, but the engine was still rocking a solid flat tappet valvetrain. UDHarold Click to expand

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Cams with flat-bottom lifters, either hydraulic, solid, or mushroom, are design-limited by velocity. The PML valve covers maintain our OE look and, to be honest, look far nicer that the chrome stockers. The old flat tappet and new hydraulic roller cams may look similar, but they function very differently. But, with the advances in hydraulic lifter design, namely short-travel lifters, tighter hydraulic piston clearances, and lightweight valvetrain components, many hydraulic lifter-equipped engines can easily handle 7, rpm or more.

Under the Curve: The Benefits of a Roller Lifter vs. a Flat Tappet Lifter

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Cost Unfortunately, roller camshaft systems cost more than a flat tappet cam and lifters. Just click HERE to check them out. We pulled the three bolts and removed the chain and top sprocket. However, manufacturers and racers favor roller tappet cams when rules permit their use because roller cam designs have distinct advantages over flat tappet designs:

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