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HITLER & FLUORIDE added High Dose to Water at Concentration Camps Keep People LIKE WALKING DEAD

Fluoride nazi. Jesse Ventura says the Nazis pioneered the use of fluoridated water

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Scale and context, which are so often ignored by the evangelists of pseudoscience, are crucial when interpreting the results of this analysis, however. No studies that actually investigate that specific question have reached that conclusion. According to numerous meta-studies , the addition of fluoride the ionic form of the element fluorine that plays a role in tissue mineralization to public drinking water significantly reduces the incidence of dental caries.

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The report gives no support to fluoridation deniers as it suggests 2. Misclassification of children in both high- and low-exposure groups may have occurred if the children were drinking water from other sources [] Regarding the other neurotoxins that could be in the water, the authors of the Harvard Study make the unsourced claim that it is unlikely that other neurotoxicants are present in the groundwater of the areas their studies investigated.

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Of those eight studies, half of them co-investigated fluoride and iodine together Lin et al , Xu et al , Yang et al , Hong et al making it hard or in some cases impossible to separate out the combined effects, and two of those four studies reached conclusions that are counter to the hypothesis that fluoridation levels alone are the main driver of a lower IQ: Godwin's law This wonderful fluoride tank, with some help from its chemtrail friends, is busy subjugating the death camp populations, including the one where giants drowned and were tossed into the water as pictured here.

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