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These naughty implements might be all you need to reach that elusive G-spot. Animal style What if we tell you that this sleeve that levels up sexual pleasure come in the form of domestic animals? Got your own tickler already?

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Another namesake of the pleasure enhancer is the goatee that men grow underneath their lower lip. These naughty implements might be all you need to reach that elusive G-spot. The troubadours invented the first language of love. The ticklers are typically at the end but these may also be found at the base, depending on what animal or plant-like form the condom takes.

French tickler

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Subscribe to my newsletter http: To make the condom as pleasurable as can be, the shaft is laden with nodules that provide additional stimulation during sexual intercourse. I'm an avid cook and posts new recipes on my blog http:

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You have been warned. If you have one, then you probably know why you have it.

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