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Reactions to the Fresno LGBT Community Center

Fresno lesbian community. Fresno, California

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The public art pieces will be restored and placed near their current locations and will feature wide sidewalks up to 28' on the east side of the street to continue with the pedestrian friendly environment of the district. A small, two-lane rural road for most of its length, Kearney Boulevard is lined with tall palm trees.

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The surrounding streets, Kerckhoff and Balch Avenues which are part of the original Alta Vista tract , have homes from the Arts and Crafts era, which, like the downtown, are being renovated and brought back to their historic roots. Timeline of Fresno, California The original inhabitants of the San Joaquin Valley region were the Yokuts people , who engaged in trading with other Californian tribes of Native Americans including coastal peoples such as the Chumash of the Central California coast, with whom they are thought to have traded plant and animal products.

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Some students say they hope the protests show their schools' administrations that they have a voice, and that they want change in dress code policies and the ways in which they're being enforced. During , Pinedale , in what is now North Fresno, was the site of the Pinedale Assembly Center , an interim facility for the relocation of Fresno area Japanese Americans to internment camps.

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