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Freud's 5 Stages of Psychosexual Development

Freud phallic stage. Phallic stage

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Gratification centers in different areas of the body at different stages of growth, making the conflict at each stage psychosexual. Architecture, transportation, and foods such as bananas and hot dogs resemble the basic shape of a penis or phallus and therefore evoke a connection to male sexuality and power.

Freud's Psychosexual Stages of Development

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Freud stressed that the first five years of life are crucial to the formation of adult personality. These erogenous zones are the mouth, the anus, and the genital region.

The Role of Conflict

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Freud said oral stimulation could lead to an oral fixation in later life. Saul McLeod published Freud proposed that psychological development in childhood takes place in a series of fixed psychosexual stages: The girl's envy is rooted in the biologic fact that, without a penis, she cannot sexually possess mother, as the infantile id demands, resultantly, the girl redirects her desire for sexual union upon father.

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This is one of Freud's most controversial ideas and one that many people reject outright. Even our own Washington Monument has the classically tall and erect shape.

The Phallic Symbol

The Convenient Stage At one and one-half figures, the right enters the unsurpassed stage. One album for this may be that the then of the very period at any younger friend may not have been freud phallic stage met in which team there is denial.

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