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Video about frog choking bird never give up:

NEVER GIVE UP! A message from Ducks

Frog choking bird never give up. Explore To Swallow, Large Posters, and more!

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That means the advice applies to all. In an effort of self-preservation, the frog has grabbed and is chocking the birds throat. Is there a right and wrong here? Both will not win, both cannot win, one will win the other will lose.

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Stork, heron, pelican, crane or bird? The frog, despite his small size and impending demise, has his hands in a vice grip around the pelican's neck to keep from becoming swallowed. Don't tread on me.

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Almost all believe in Coach Lombardi's quote and adhere to the "never give up" philosophy. But with the elimination of ties in the NFL, on any given Sunday half of the teams win and half of them lose. I read a different version of Lombardi quote that wraps it up nicely for me especially in the context of "never give up:

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The frog, to the apparent surprise of the bird, is refusing to go quietly into that good night We all take the frog's point of view.

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Arguably, his most famous quote is: It is too easy and would probably be too cliched.

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