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The purpose of the Leavenworth CR-1 Land Use Analysis is to develop a community-focused plan for thoughtful, future land development in the corridor. You will be given the option to be notified by either "Email" or by "Phone" of any document recorded against your property with your name on it in the Office of The Register of Deeds. Please be patient and find alternate routes during this time period. Most lived in urban areas.

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On average, January is the coldest month, July is the hottest month, and June is the wettest month. Snow depth of at least an inch occurs an average of 15 days a year. What can I do about it?

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Fort Leavenworth was located outside the city limits until its territory was annexed by the city on April 12, It is also supported by the Sherman Army Airfield and is said to be one of the most representative military bases of the United States of America.

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Over World War II, close to 20, recruits were trained at those schools and not less than 26 divisions were supported. History of Kansas Leavenworth, founded in , was the first city incorporated in the territory of Kansas.

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