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Gaged ears. Here's What Gauged Ears Look Like Without The Gauges In

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There are dangers associated with wearing porous materials such as acrylic, stone, wood, bamboo, horn, bone, or other materials with small or microscopic holes, in a freshly stretched piercing. Ear stretching is a ritual that has been practiced by people all over the world from ancient times. Some of these materials "breathe" better than metals or plastics , preventing the buildup of sebum in the enlarged ear lobe.

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High-class men wore jade plugs, and the rest of society used bone, stone, and wood. The best materials for a fresh stretch that is not vulnerable to bacteria are implant grade steel, titanium, and glass. This is because these materials are non-porous and can withstand the heat and pressure of an autoclave, so that they can be properly sanitized before insertion.

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Large, heavy jewelry or weighted objects can be used to stretch piercings. This technique is also often used to alter the placement of a large piercing, combine two existing piercings into one larger one, or achieve a higher-gauge piercing when scar tissue is preventing stretching, or when tissue has thinned too much making stretching too risky. Jewelry for stretched piercings[ edit ] Flesh tunnel metal There is a large variety of jewelry available for stretched piercings. The Maasai people of Kenya[ edit ] Both Maasai men and women stretch their ears, although today more women than men follow the practice.

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The Maasai people of Kenya[ edit ] Both Maasai men and women stretch their ears, although today more women than men follow the practice. Dead stretching is the process of inserting a larger piece of jewelry into an existing piercing without any other equipment.

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