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THE FEM'S are taking over ATLANTA!

Gay fems. The Amish Closet – Growing up Gay in a Closed Community

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His rise from a beat cop officer to a detective was overshadowed with his inner conflict and repression, leading him to live a down low lifestyle. Now that bit of soap box is out of the way on to crux of the current thread.

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Never, ever, under any circumstances use any pen pal site with the only and ultimate goal being to find your mate. He struggled as a failed actor and is later seen working in the warehouse of a furniture store. We left web series characters out of contention because, quite frankly, all of them have sucked so far.


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The characters chosen were only those who either clearly stated that they were gay on-screen or were seen engaging and enjoying same-sex intimacy. By the end of the short film, you personally feel his pain and triumph as he comes to term with both his disability and his sexuality.

What is Racism?

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Whether we like to admit it or not, men like Boo do exist in the world. Chronicles in seven years.

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