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How to Make Dumplings - German Recipes - Episode 2

German glace recipe. German Potato Dumplings Recipe

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Pour in one cup of cream, mix well. After dumplings have browned, add them to pot and mix gently. This is one of those meals that will stick to your ribs, and keep you fueled for quite some time. Drain into a colander and pour into a serving dish.

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In my case and that of my sons, it is a true time machine trip to a sweeter, easier, more quiet time in our lives. After dumplings have browned, add them to pot and mix gently. Quick, simple and very filling. Add in chopped ham to warm.


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Using the same dough recipe except adding more water to produce an almost runny, very sticky version of the dough. Spring with the fried bread crumbs and serve. A few women would stop to prepare the meal in the fields in a large cauldron and afterwards all would return to work.

Kartoffelkloesse (german Potato Dumplings)

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Add salt and pepper to taste. Dip spoon into water to release dumpling. Take a ball of dough and begin stretching at an edge, breaking off the stretched piece of dough into the simmering water.

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