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Gestation of Sheep

Gestation period for sheep. Sheep Gestation Calculator and Table

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Unless they are stud ewes it unlikely that they will receive intensive care. Although recommendations vary, rams should be isolated from ewes for at least 6 weeks in order for the ram effect to work.

Lambing Calendar: Practical Sheep Gestation Chart

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For sheep, the embryo transfer technique most often used is a surgical procedure, both for collecting the embryos and for transferring them into the recipients. Light control is usually impractical for most producers. Separate ewes that lamb as yearlings from mature ewes, and manage and feed them so that the yearling ewes can grow to their maximum potential size. Teaser vasectomized rams or testosterone-treated wethers can also stimulate the ram effect.

Total Pregnancy Duration

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On other properties the mobs are inspected by stockmen at varying intervals to stand cast ewes and deal with dystocia. Breed improvement in the sheep industry has been much slower to develop and the industry lacks a means to identify superior genetics.

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In the following weeks ram A produces semen the usual way, but is using the stem cells of ram B and therefore producing semen carrying the genetics of ram B rather than those of his own. Since the onset of puberty depends largely upon body weight, ewe lambs should be provided adequate levels of nutrition to reach at least two-thirds of mature weight before breeding.

Sheep Pregnancy Calculator or Lambing Calculator

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Inbreeding depression has been found for lamb birthweight, average daily weight gain from birth until two months, and litter size. Rams should be exposed to the same light regiment to obtain high fertility. Progesterone prevents the ewe from returning to estrus and ovulating. Separate ewes that lamb as yearlings from mature ewes, and manage and feed them so that the yearling ewes can grow to their maximum potential size.

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