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Alas, yet another thrilling science-fictional idea first offered by Science but then snatched away. Playing injured, his presence seemed to disrupt the team's rhythm.


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What is this effect? Another cherished legend bites the dust. Any ice deposited there will still be there, patiently waiting for thirsty lunar colonists.

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Bahcall had done the theoretical calculations on how many solar neutrinos would reach the detector. Equipment was checked and rechecked, theories were overhauled, and the experiment rerun scores of times always with the same baffling result.

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Of course many other scientists tried to find flaws in Jack Hartung's hypothesis, because that is how science works. The wormhole of what-ifs and fateful coincidences is a fool's game, but if Starr's back had never been injured, then Drew might have had a successful season in and stayed on as Alabama's coach. In physicist Wolfgang Pauli said " I've got it! He did a bit of calculation and noted the impact would have ejected about ten million tons of Lunar debris.


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