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Metal Detecting NC Swimming Hole Short 30 Min Hunt


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NC is filled with a mythos of prejudice that revolves around the word of the church. Opportunity for visual artists in North Carolina is limited, even in the more progressive capital; what do you think of the local art scene? My current work comes from the medieval past. I try to make graphic imagery easier to look at with patterns, metaphors, and details so people will be drawn to it, get lost in it, and find their own interpretations.

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Whenever I draw battle scenes I wonder if this is the relationship I have with physical intimacy. I want them to understand that the feeling of success lies outside of the gallery and the museum, that success and accomplishment have been artificially represented to us and implanted in us again and again in different shapes, forms, and voices. Opportunity for visual artists in North Carolina is limited, even in the more progressive capital; what do you think of the local art scene? I moved away to a bigger city when I was younger because I needed to be saturated and surrounded by the creative spirit.

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They quickly find an exit. Sex and violence run amuck through these pages.

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