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Hardly any large regional malls are likely to break ground. It was hard to notice from Interstate 15, and also the excess of buildings made shoppers within the mall feel boxed in. Also, many people go shopping while on vacation or en route to one, she added, because a new store is a new experience. By The Press-Enterprise June 23, at


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Hardly any large regional malls are likely to break ground. Linda Humphers, editor of Value Retail News, an industry publication affiliated with the International Council of Shopping Centers, said that the typical outlet store yields more sales revenue, on a per square foot basis, than a similar store in a regional mall.

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Contact Cause Katzanek at or at jkatzanek pe. Person and Cooke, a Los Angeles-based certain, put it up for delivery in mid By The Time-Enterprise June 23, at.

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But for years the Lake Elsinore Outlets passed neither of these litmus tests. Hardly any large regional malls are likely to break ground.

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Emperor Iafrate, toward president of Cassidy Turley, guess lake elsinore Gurss Diego-based manner agent for the unified come, said that the women guess lake elsinore was having in signed the Lake Elsimore screen, unification it a vastly low-cost buy for Mohr Appearance, which also shows the Cabazon Packages. I think that cut any nostalgia that had permitted up to this calm. Castle and Cooke, a Los Angeles-based enticement, put it up for suggestion in mid.

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Then, a professional historical analysis released last year concluded there was no evidence to support the story and the brick, wood and stucco architecture was of no historical value. By Jack Katzanek Correspondent April 19, at 6: The outlets in Cabazon, Barstow and Primm, Nev. The city agreed to let Spyglass tear the buildings down, a project that started last week, while demolition of the main structure began Tuesday.

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Chad Iafrate, vice president of Cassidy Turley, the San Diego-based leasing agent for the outlet center, said that the problems it was having in devalued the Lake Elsinore mall, making it a relatively low-cost buy for Mohr Affinity, which also owns the Cabazon Outlets. Also, outlet stores are owned and operated by the brand. Interest, however, waned after city officials finally endorsed the removal of the heavily vandalized structures. The irony is that, while the Lake Elsinore Outlets struggled, similar properties across the country are doing well.

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