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The most haunted places in Indianapolis

Haunted places in indianapolis indiana. Five Scariest Places in Indianapolis

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One legend claims that the early morning condensation on the bridge is as red as blood. French Lick Springs French Lick, IN Haunted by a former owner's ghost, blood stains appear in a bathtub where a bride committed suicide.

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One medium reported talking to the madam of the brothel, but her ghost was apparently able to go into the light. According to the website, people claim to have seen spectral slaves in the shadows, heard moans and voices, and felt cold spots in the basement. According to the website, a group of slaves traveling on the Underground Railroad sought refuge in the basement one night. He sank into the wet cement, struggled to get free, and beat his fists against the wooden construction platform until he died.

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Other engineers reported a vaporous form. Then he heard a dull thumping and heard a dull moan. Park your own car on those same tracks, and put it in neutral.

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