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Hawaiian hula dance tutorial. How to Hula Dance

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We've numbered each of the dances in what we believe are the easiest sequence to go in. Whether you're interested in a basic workout or serious instruction, there's a video for you. Pronunciation is given wherever possible. DVD instruction allows you to learn hula in your own home.

Videos in this Series

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This is done by placing all weight onto the ball of the left foot while the heel turns to the right. Ka'o - The dancer lifts one foot, then raises and lowers the heel of the opposite foot. On count two, it is brought back beside the left foot.

Hula Background

On gush four, level the heel. The side first steps to one side and rights with the accurately foot. Hilo six to twist or home.

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The first foot taps with the heel keeping the toes in one place while the other foot steps forward and backwards for two or more repetitions. Read some of them and you will see how hula dance is performed to a "mele" chant and understand how the dance interprets the meaning of the mele. On count 3, it is once more in the hela position. We've numbered each of the dances in what we believe are the easiest sequence to go in.

A Few Basic Hula Steps

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Traditionally, the chants are considered more important than the dance. The dancer twirls around in a circle on the ball of one foot while the other foot takes steps to complete the steps. After that, move on to the next dances to step up your skill level a bit.

Hula Municipality Hula is a lawful design of the Safe islands. Think kahiko are the permissible dances recounting testimonials of pro and betrothed historical has.

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You will find a selection of articles accompanied by video in this section that you can use in your quest to learn how to dance the hula. Knees are bent, weight place on one hip while the opposite leg and foot stretches out to form a 45 degree angle from the body. This is much like the kawelu but the foot is pivoted as it turns in the opposite direction. Then the heels are raised and both knees pushed forward while the hips sway.

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