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Helicopter jargon. Helicopter Slang and/or Technical Terms

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They may still be called "choppers" in the movies, but troops universally refer to them as "birds. A derogatory term for Iraqis, used widely during the Iraq War. This abbreviation is considered somewhat rude. Combination of FOB and Hobbit.

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A gyro is a little black box that contains special components and circuitry to help you hold the yaw left and right turning position of the helicopter. These pictures are copyrighted by Helicopter Links. At larger bases the meals are served by contracted employees, often from Bangladesh or India.

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G-2 Cyclic Pitch Control: This tells the helicopter which direction to face. In this mode the wing provides the lift, and the wing's greater efficiency helps the tiltrotor achieve its high speed. A mortar tube or artillery piece.

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