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The Ridgeback has a long strip of fur that runs the other way on its back creating its ridge. Herds of live pigs came along to provide the soldiers with fresh meat.


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After all, Spanish settlers brought hogs to Texas for decades before the s. The pitbull with its immense jaws, and superb strength is considered a Catch dog. But when he started, he took a very high tech approach. Dogs were considered a working animal first, that helped provide food to the settlers, protect their livestock, as well as protecting their families.

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The American Bulldog has a long dependable history of dealing with and hunting wild pigs in the south. The logical conclusion is that you need to gain the upper hand. Even now, staying on them, you should see what they do to a newly planted peanut field in a night. A Denver-native, Young says his outdoor upbringing in the Rocky Mountains was a strong influence his artwork.


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