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While there is no way to halt the condition altogether, using tools, such as a TENS unit, patients of the disease are able to reduce pain, halt symptoms, and lead comfortable, more normal lives. They can assist in the pain and stiffness associated with the disorder, but cannot fully halt inflammation which causes the pain.

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Some people say that osteoarthritis is an inevitable part of ageing. Most commonly, it develops in people aged over There are some factors to consider before using TENS for your pain, and these are things that you doctor will go over with you before treatment.

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Younger people may also be affected; usually after an injury or as a result of another joint condition. While there is no way to halt the condition altogether, using tools, such as a TENS unit, patients of the disease are able to reduce pain, halt symptoms, and lead comfortable, more normal lives. This makes the TENS machine an even more appealing option for those who have sought other treatments and found no relief. TENS Use Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation can be used as needed, or in timed delivery, depending on the orders of your physician and your specific needs.

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Medical News Today reports: Therefore the investigators hypothesize that TENS will reduce hyperalgesia and pain with movement resulting in increased function. TENS could be the answer needed to enjoy an active lifestyle once again.


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