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Horse wormer for autumn. A Quick Guide to Horse Worming

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It is important to maintain worm populations that have not been exposed to anthelmintics worming drugs. The kits are available here. Consequently, treatment should be undertaken in the autumn following summer turnout on pasture 4, with repeat treatments usually recommended every six months5.

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A mature, healthy horse can follow a very simple pattern of testing and dosing with additional tests or treatment added in as required. Rest the land, even a three month rest during a frost or heat wave can help to reduce the land worm burden. Do you know if there are parasites present and is now the best time to reach for the wormer?

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This can be overcome by reducing the number of worms in the pasture thereby stopping reinfection. Keep down the stock, try not to keep to many horses on one grazing pasture.

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Horse worms are not the same as cow or sheep worms so having sheep and cattle grazing can help 'clean' the pasture. All tests and free veterinary approved advice is available from your friendly team of SQPs at Westgate Labs. Treating encysted small redworm successfully in the late autumn or early winter is important in order to minimise this serious risk. The kits are available here.

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