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Hostage sympathy syndrome. The Bank Robbery Behind Stockholm Syndrome

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It turns out Gigi decided to go off with the guy who pretty much just dumped her in the rain when she was specifically raised to travel with a trainer. Sion came to trust and admire him, and see him as a substitute guardian. But when George VI finally caught wind of the pending nuptials he would only officially approve if they waited to announce the engagement until after her 21st birthday. Stockholm Syndrome in relationships is not uncommon.

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The abuser assures us that only our cooperation keeps our loved ones safe. As TIME put it: I love our family!!! She is a very shy girl, and her name is "Violet" appropriately enough.

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As a super strong golden age hero, he is a built like a tank. Abusive relationships produce a great amount on unhealthy investment in both parties. She became widely seen as a victim of Stockholm syndrome a term coined only two years before her arrest, when four Swedish bank workers were held hostage for six days and came to side with their captors.

Family and Friends of the Victim

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