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How to Pass a Urine Drug Test?

How many niacin to pass drug test. How to Pass a Drug Test for Marijuana

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If you were in the same boat as me I could not sub and I thought I was screwed. In the long run, you may have a damaged liver from taking in too large doses of Niacin.

Urine Screening

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Niacin works by opening up the capillaries and allowing toxins to be flushed from your system. Also, considering that the time it takes to complete the niacin process is close to the time it would take for a person who is active and at a healthy weight to pass THC through their body completely, relying on niacin in order to pass a drug test is improbable and risky. Be mindful that unless it is an instant piss test, you should not use fake pee, because it will be obvious and give you away.

What is niacin?

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So niacin flushes THC out of your body through your urine by burning fat. Joanne Will niacin flush out narcotics and benzodiazepines as well? Start drinking lots of water starting the morning of your drug screening. It is also used widely by doctors to treat a variety of different conditions and under medical supervision can be taken at a much higher dose.

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It hard to understand that reasoning, but there is no scientific evidence to support this hypothesis. This process, in theory, helps to break down the fat cells even faster, releasing the THC quickly, which will then exit through urine. If you have used Palo Azul let me know if it worked in the comments.

Blood Testing

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