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Video about how to pass a urine drug test with bleach:

Pass a drug test (last minute)

How to pass a urine drug test with bleach. Does Bleach Make a Drug Test Negative?

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Papain has not been tested, and may or may not work. Klear - This new, highly potent,designer additive is the best development so far by sympathetic chemists.. Plan ahead; keep your cool.

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It's much better to argue about your modesty than why your test might have registered positive. Substitution Switch your urine for a quality urine sample. There may also be fragrances and other impurities in there that are also toxic, because after all, it's not made for drinking.

Why it Wont Work

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Byrd Labs instant drug free urine works well because it's reconstituted to guarantee it's drug free. When reminded that steroid use was harmful to her long term health, she replied, "I know, but it's the price you have to pay if you want to compete at a national level.

Does Putting Bleach in Drug Test Work?

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Thanks, I love this product!! However, many labs can now detect Klear.

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Bleach is intended for cleaning, not for drinking, so it contains numerous chemicals that the human body will not appreciate, such as sodium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, and sodium polyacrylate. Bleach can be found in powder or liquid forms.

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