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How to recognize a reptilian humanoid. Cardassian

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Throughout history, these bony ridges have been misidentified as horns. Their feet have three toes and one recessed fourth toe that is toward the back side of their ankle. Primarily the eyes are accentuated, whether it be through the tilt, the shape, the size, the color or their reflectivity. They tend to enjoy the feeling of freedom they have on earth, away from their masters and would desire the help of humans in confrontations with the reptilians


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Within minutes, the entire website was allegedly taken offline and all copies of the photograph mysteriously disappeared, except for one. They had yellow skin with black spots and elongated skulls.

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Material possessions are all provided, based on their contribution to the community. All of a sudden, a pure white arm came down from the sky - long and stretchy it seemed and its hand picked up everything off the earth but the mountain. These beings are from Zeta Reticuli in the Reticulum Constellation. These are all humanoid beings with a body that has a head, two arms, and two legs similar to the human body.

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