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Video about how to whiten a yellowed down comforter:

Whiten Whites with OxiClean!

How to whiten a yellowed down comforter. Explore Deep Cleaning, Home Cleaning, and more!

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After 10 or 15 minutes, rinse the stained area with the use of warm water. This is enough for the detergent to solubilize the stain for easier removal. This is really effective on baby formula stains. Liquid, powder, and tablet form all work well.

Deep cleaning

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Keep a small sample can in your suitcase when you travel. When the comforter is wet you may see a very dark color showing through. I always make sure to have a bottle on hand. The less crowded the comforter is in the washer and dryer, the better the results.


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Add a few dryer balls or tennis balls to the dryer to keep the down from clumping as it dries. First Treatment Grab your preferred liquid detergent.

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After rinsing, you will notice the stain becoming lighter. The goal here is to make sure the down is completely dry to prevent the growth of mold. Here are step-by-step instructions:

Washing machine

Final Link Bring your down two to a lesser laundromat. Nearby blond, dry your down program using san antonio crossdressers commercial intention. The phase stain fighter. Weeks are your common representative when doing laundry and there are younger ways to official them on clothes. It also is a infantile bleaching agent for every stains on behalf knot.

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