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Many of the requirements that are coming to the market have got specific operational requirements and that could well be satisfied if buildings are designed and built to meet this criteria. The family was given two days to get out. Demand has increased over the past three years with around , square feet of known requirements active in the market.

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He said he expected Bristol to see the highest amount of take-up in square footage in since , but is concerned about supply for Brieanna Cannon said it was the home for their dreams, because it was a three bedroom two baths in the South Huntsville when they discovered it. The latest Bristol take-up figures for industrial property suggest a strong first half of the year, with rental growth also predicted for the next six months. Investment in infrastructure plays a crucial role in boosting developer and investor confidence and the significance of projects such as Hinkley Point and the electrification of the Bristol-London rail-line should not be underestimated.

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Those considering investing off the back of Hinkley will get additional encouragement from the longer-term prospect of a new reactor in South Gloucestershire at Oldbury, in a Hitachi-led project. The recovery appears to be more balanced than before and increasing capital investment is making it more sustainable. He said he expected Bristol to see the highest amount of take-up in square footage in since , but is concerned about supply for

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