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Is it illegal to collect rainwater in ca. California's Rainwater Recapture Act Lets State Residents Capture, Use Harvested Rainwater

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Why even care that California passed the Rainwater Capture Act? Currently, nine states have laws restricting the collection of rainwater, but the severity of those laws differ.

Two Ways to Capture Rainwater:

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For more information about LexisNexis products and solutions connect with us through our corporate site. This system developed into the prior appropriation system, which is basically calling dibs on water. Each municipality and county is encouraged to promote rainwater harvesting at residential, commercial, and industrial facilities through incentives such as the provision at a discount of rain barrels or rebates for water storage facilities.

Rainwater Harvesting

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Under the California Water Code Section , residents and businesses who did not receive a permit could be penalized for misusing and illegally collecting water that legally belongs to the state. Amount of Water Since Los Angeles is commonly plagued by drought, you may be wondering if collecting rainwater is useful. He is a veteran water rights attorney with over 27 years of experience in the water industry.

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