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Christine brings Elijah to Maury!

Is maury staged. Is the show Maury Povich fake?

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The last two men that Kim brought on were a father and son. Paternity tests[ edit ] One of the most famous topics associated with Maury is paternity testing:

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The reason the couple had traveled to the show was to get a paternity test on the child. Episodes featuring updates on past guests are periodically aired throughout the year. Former prostitutes and teen moms, as well as motivational speakers and police officers often share their stories with the girls, or attempt to motivate them to improve themselves. After the initial accusations, Maury sits the opposing parties down to read the results of a paternity test that had been performed before the show's taping.

The show's structure

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Both parties sometimes have to be separated by Maury or security. Some of the men were tested for both children, meaning that 16 DNA tests were performed to find the fathers.

Is it fake?

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