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Jane elliott a class divided summary. A Class Divided: Then and Now Summary

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The choice is yours you decide how you want your day to go. This exchange would be useful in a discussion about research methods and ethics, and whether Elliot's workshop inflicts any harm upon the human subjects involved.

What happens when we divide ourselves into us/them: privilege, power & racism

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A white child, with white parents is given better circumstances that a black child, with black parents. In contrast, the "superior" students became mean-spirited and seemed to like discriminating against the "inferior" group.

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The blue-eyed children would get five extra minutes of recess while the brown eyes had to stay in. You get the pick of the best pens in the class room.

A Not-So-Brief Summary

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As Charlie Cobb notes in his narration, the get-together is Ms. Why did they shoot that King? This famous, and still relevant, lesson in discrimination changed the lives of her students forever.

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