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Once diluted in any solvent and exposed to light, ICG may undergo various chemical reactions by self-sensitized oxidation because it is chemically unstable; this phenomenon is called decomposition. Triamcinolone can be used if a posterior capsular rent occurs during cataract surgery to know if any vitreous strands are left in AC after anterior vitrectomy.

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Rose bengal has also been discovered to have intrinsic cellular toxicity. Rose bengal is actually a derivative of fluorescein.


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Many of the songs that have lent newfound heft to his reputation are simple, no-nonsense rumination on feelings and facts of urban American life, including "Soda and Soap" and "Beautiful". Ophthalmic surgical dyes have become valuable tools and are now widely used for both anterior and posterior segment indications. Fluorescein dye can be used in Jones dye disappearance test for assessment of lacrimal passage functional potency.

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The dye stains the posterior hyaloid, internal limiting membrane, and epiretinal membranes blue, making these structures highly visible against the unstained retina. Once diluted in any solvent and exposed to light, ICG may undergo various chemical reactions by self-sensitized oxidation because it is chemically unstable; this phenomenon is called decomposition. He thought that Ace was "biting" his track and released a diss song toward Ace titled "Just You Wait". This dye can be injected in the lacrimal apparatus using a syringe for identification of canlicular ends in traumatic laceration of the lid margins and for repair of the canaliculus.

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