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TAUM SAUK jewishstudentsassociation.org JOHNSON SHUT-INS ON THE OZARK TRAIL

Johnson shut ins directions. Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park

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The campground was destroyed, filled with concrete and rebar from the broken reservoir. The sand and sediment covering this fragile area was several feet deep in places and was mostly removed using a large, industrial vacuum, though the most sensitive areas could withstand the use of only shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows to uncover the buried vegetation. Wetland ecologists and soil biologists were brought in to determine how to restore the precious, delicate fen.

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Many of the over species of plants that have been discovered in the park are located only in the East Fork Wild Area, including several types of rare plants and the largest Virginia Witch Hazel in the state. This past September, the park closed again to continue restoration and development. Ride your bicycle throughout the park on two trail systems.


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Many of the over species of plants that have been discovered in the park are located only in the East Fork Wild Area, including several types of rare plants and the largest Virginia Witch Hazel in the state. Around the bend, the channel slopes upward.

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