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Super Kush botanical potpourri/ incense (k2) review.

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Natural marijuana gains its mind-altering effects from a chemical known as THC. Content may be edited for style and length. The drug, five times more powerful than marijuana, causes agitation, confusion, hallucinations, vomiting and, in some cases, heart attacks and even comas, according to CBS2. American Chemical Society Close The harmful effects of increasingly popular designer cannabis products called "Spice" or "K2" have puzzled scientists for years, but now a group of researchers is reporting progress toward understanding what makes them so toxic.

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Cyrus Read, 17, was brought to the emergency room, drooling and incoherent. Some have died from their first exposure to the drug.

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The study describes development of a method that could someday help physicians diagnose and treat the thousands of young adults and teens who end up in emergency rooms after taking the drugs. Some have died from their first exposure to the drug.

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