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Oestrike put a chain around her neck that was bolted to a bathroom floor. If you withhold information and the adopter is not prepared for what he's getting, you may end up with the pet coming back or it could just be thrown out. If you come down to the shelter after you realize your pet is missing, then come back the same day each week, you will never miss your pet if it is turned into KCASE.

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What is the caller looking for in a pet? Kitty needs a quiet home. Check out this deal and others from Henderson Castle at seizethedeal.


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Ask questions about their policies and methods. If the home is rented, does the landlord agree to a pet?

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To report a lost or found pet, contact us by calling business hours at The report chronicles the police investigation into year-old Brady Oestrike in the days before and after he killed year-old Charles Oppenneer and Brooke Slocum in July


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Keeping or altering a pet prior to 30 days could result in theft or other personal property damage charges being filed against you. If you come down to the shelter after you realize your pet is missing, then come back the same day each week, you will never miss your pet if it is turned into KCASE. You're down to the wire

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