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2004 LEXUS 430 LS

Kerrville classifieds.

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She's hetero polled and a non-carrier of PHA and chondrodysplasia. These are healthy, fat cows with no issues. Complete belts, great dispositions. Both are 3 years old and around 45" tall.

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He is about 40" tall. Three year old mini Jersey steer; super sweet and friendly. All are registered American Dexter cattle. He is shy in the herd, but with us one on one he is a sweetheart, clamoring for scratches.

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Recommend a minimum of 10 acre pastures. Located in Okemah Oklahoma. His calves are awesome tho. I am near Kerrville, Texas.

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Dutch Belted Dairy cow. She has a beautiful head and great conformation. Approx 43" at highest point of withers. Yaks do require electric fencing because their wool protects them from barbed wire.

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He is fairly halter broke, friendly and very quiet and gentle. None are registered, but all you need are blood tests to get papers.

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