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I live in a downstairs apartment for 2 years now when I first move in we were told that the upstairs has carpet which was fine since there were 3 kids living upstairs,that was until they moved out and a woman and her 19 year old BOY moved in. I would feel awful if I knew I was disturbing others, and would be embarrassed if I had to be asked to quiet down unless it was an overly critical neighbor. Both the noise makers and the annoyed Reply December 25, at 8: And addition to that, you are a manager of a condo community???

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Markus Reply January 03, at The annoyed do not have to compromise. I did notice they had their TV directly on the floor and asked them to put it on a stand and even offered them my coffee table.

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Now I live upstairs from a three year old who runs and stomps on hardwood floors. What should I do? I now have two options. I hated it when the kids would play in the breezeways outside our doors because it echoed so loudly and was disruptive.

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The audacity and arrogance is incredible! We are pretty quiet people and I think we should get peace and quiet in return.

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They walked hard on their heels and I swear they had a bowling ball that they would periodically drop! My daughter stays at a day-care center during the weekdays and extended stays during the weekend.

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If you are younger to be tricky, the least you could do is be cease. They walk, u no, unsurpassed them on the neck, actually are learning on the floor and I kk nails nashua nh allow them laughing, bond after that.

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