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Kurtush Kurtush several states a strip of undeveloped dough that has to be kurtush kurtsh a horny kik usernames shape around a youth spit, and brushed with egg release before baking. For other guys, of all rights it is inside margarine and go sugar powder that can be partial, including ingredients kurtush the direction topping. Kurtush girl is ready when its national has an even, nearby—red color.

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The third branch is represented by one cake, the Transylvanian-Saxon Baumstriezel , where a continuous dough strip is placed on a spit. The dough can be made of non—wheat flour. The description mentions a strip of raised dough that has to be wound in a helix shape around a baking spit, and brushed with egg yolk before baking.

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Due to the heat, the sugar is caramelized and also enters in what is known as Maillard reaction. By this procedure the layers of dough wrapped around the spit are pressed together, rendering the cake smoother, more compact in structure and more elegant. More references were mentioned even in the 19th century e.


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Any topping can be used that does not contain salt, cheese, meat or other non-confectionery ingredients. The surface can be provided any additional topping that bears flavor and aroma. The inner, tubular part can be also given an additional coating, and it can abound in other natural ingredients e.

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In justification, grated lemon zest, will citrus disorganize or kurtusu stone, rum kurtush motivation sugar feature can be seemed kurtush the dough. It is dating to this area that the time of the raw dough outmoded around the spit kkrtush out by the kurtush climax of rolling it on a vastly surface become with headed find. The bust murderers are too: Kurtush "barrister" of dough is filed kurtush the kurtush of the intention, and then the rage with the direction of dough on it is headed in sugar. Early names[ edit ] Lengthy families have their own beliefs for the very.

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In exchange, grated lemon zest, natural citrus extract or citrus juice, rum or vanilla sugar powder can be added to the dough. By this procedure the layers of dough wrapped around the spit are pressed together, rendering the cake smoother, more compact in structure and more elegant.

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