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The grass that makes the hawk call resembles a soaring bird, and the grass that calls Epona resembles a horseshoe. Link's goat-wrangling skills from a quick minigame at the start of the game are critical to getting to the Goron Temple, and then Midna uses her Twilight hand to wrangle Beast Ganon. Santa Destroy is a frustratingly boring place with nearly nothing to do; Travis has to drive everywhere himself; he barely bothers people he runs over on his motorcycle and goes flying if it even so much as touches any solid object; he has to do repetitive, boring and irrelevant jobs in order to earn money; he saves the game on the toilet; he rummages through dumpsters for collectables including clothes! The party's health and special move meter is shown in the gauges at the top, and the enemy's health is shown in the bar at the bottom.

Kain Highwind

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Separatist battle droids are the only units that can move freely across the surface without vehicles giving them a good shortcut into enemy territory , since they don't need to breathe. What's more, this Twilight curses him into the form of a wolf, which brings with it a whole new set of abilities like a wolf's sense of smell. Most enemies do half a heart of damage, with some doing a full heart. Adding alternate NPC dialogue or even cutscenes based on the gameplay state of the Player Character , such as:

Things to look out for:

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Irwin is a half-demon who is angry that society prevents him from a relationship with the holy leader Matilda, and seeks to destroy the world in retribution. Themes and narratives which reflect the gameplay, essentially playing with the concept of Video Games and Fate , in which the strict linearity of the gameplay is a plot and thematic element as well as a gameplay contrivance.

This game provides examples of:

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The real kicker is that Malo is using the merchandise and building of a woman who turned into a shadow beast and died shortly beforehand. Just about every in-game mechanic in the Assassin's Creed series ties into the fact that the games all take place in Virtual Reality recreations of the lives of the protagonist's ancestors.

Instances of Deliberate Integration:

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