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Lemoore ca area code. Lemoore, CA Area Codes: List, Map, and Phone Lookup

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Lee Moore died on September 11, Many of the early settlers of the Lemoore District were cultured people, and Lemoore attained a reputation for literary and musical accomplishments unmatched by many pioneer towns. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. In creating the new County of Kings there was keen competition between Hanford and Lemoore as to which would become the county seat.

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The number of new residents he had helped bring into the world numbered in the thousands. Lemoore is a quiet safe city that has a historic downtown, a diversity of restaurants and is also home of the Lemoore Raceway. In creating the new County of Kings there was keen competition between Hanford and Lemoore as to which would become the county seat.

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