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Likegrowers. First Things First, What’s an Instagram Bot?

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This is what less talented athletes do in sports by taking steroids and what less hard working students in school do by cheating. The result, aside from social injustice, is currency inflation. Think of it this way:

A Look Inside the Instagress Bot

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Going off the early steroids in baseball metaphor, once you stop botting, your engagement starts to taper off, the juice wears off. The fact of the matter is, bots run off hashtags and there are a lot of accounts running bots. But if you do all of these things regularly, and harness the power of a bot interacting with thousands of people around the world, you have an incredibly unfair advantage over non-botting users. Go to your activity page and select the Following tab on top.

How I Got Started

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When you compare these results with my calder account, the results of botting are evident. All of their followers have the same suspicious qualities. An unreasonably high followers to post ratio.

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