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Mouse, bed bug, and snake repellent

Lime for snake repellent. Is phenol a snake repellent?

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This is how these creatures will not come into your house with you. With any domestic animal, the risk of snake bite is high. The active ingredient in mothballs is known to cause liver and kidney damage. Even snakes with relatively smooth skin have a protective barrier.

Plants That Repel Them

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Do Electronic Snake Repellents Work? That is why this is a hassle-free solution to use. Apparantly, the lime burns their skin when they crawl over it, so it causes them to go in the other direction.. The claim to fame of these repellents is that a snake will be leery of crawling over an area containing the liquid or spray for fear of burning its skin.

Home Remedies & Tips

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If, however, you home seems to be a communal site for the serpents, you might want to consider taking action. Unfortunately, many of the landscaping items we like to use as homeowners are also ideal objects for snakes to use for shelter. Tulbaghia violacea Wild garlic repels snakes - it is planted by the Zulus around their homes. So, in short, natural snake repellents for yards are a good choice.

Snake Repellent Reviews. Powders, Sprays or Liquids?

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