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Located in Five Points, this restaurant is known for its patio, food truck, and thick burgers. This is going to change my life. Louisville, Kentucky Don't let this cafe's simple name fool you: And the fresh versus frozen dichotomy is nothing more than a snow-job.

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It will be a whole new world for you to learn to cook, eat, and actually enjoy! I tend to not eat the sauces with most asian food. Founded by Chris Katechis, a Greek immigrant, the restaurant uses a secret family recipe to make 10 gallons of chili every day.

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I am excited about shopping now! Indianapolis, Indiana This fun pub hosts live music and celebrates Colts home games with drink specials and tailgates. The founders appeared on Shark Tank in , and today, you can enjoy their beefy hot dog chili or chili soup with beef and beans. Lincoln, Nebraska This diner on the south side of Nebraska's scenic Highway 2 is open 24 hours a day, keeping customers happy day or night with plenty of comfort food.

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Get a side of firehouse chili with your burger, or go all in with the chili cheeseburger or "American nachos" a. Austin, Texas Located near Barton Creek and the Colorado River, The Shady Grove is a casual restaurant with a huge patio and plenty of shade from a nearby grove of pecan trees.

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Founded by Chris Katechis, a Greek immigrant, the restaurant uses a secret family recipe to make 10 gallons of chili every day. Leftovers is a huge help because you can make a few days meals in advance. I do like the recipe section and other parts of your blog. We shop several health food stores depending where the best prices are that week.

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