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The Inquisition (Documentary)

Medieval inquisition death toll. The Horrors of the Church and Its Holy Inquisition

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Operating in the role of heavy infantry, the Astartes of the XIVth Legion were experts at survival and endurance, and quickly gained a reputation among the other newly-forged Legions as relentless and disciplined fighters. The synodal courts were given something of the character of inquisitorial tribunals. Given the gravity of the decisions being made, any intelligent person deserves to have the facts. Population fell from 25M to

Torture and Execution Devices

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He would forge the Death Guard into perfect infantrymen, adaptable and self-reliant warriors who specialised in the use of durable weaponry that was easily maintained and re-supplied. Mortarion's hand and mind was at work everywhere remaking his Legion, from changing tactical doctrines to equipment procurement and, some say, behind the selection of candidates and changing practices in the Legion's Apothecarion, where he gained the latter knowledge to interfere. This changed the culture and traditions of the Legion, so much so that by the last days of the Great Crusade in the early 31st Millennium, there were increasing tensions between the Barbarus-born Astartes and the Terran minority who remained in the Legion and who remembered the Dusk Raiders' earlier martial traditions brought out of Old Terra. Given the gravity of the decisions being made, any intelligent person deserves to have the facts.

Torture and Execution Methods

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In Kramer requested that Pope Innocent VIII clarify his authority to prosecute witchcraft in Germany , where he had been refused assistance by the local ecclesiastical authorities. A famous French magistrate was known to have regretted his leniency when, instead of having young children accused of witchcraft burned, he had only sentenced them to be flogged while they watched their parents burn. Finally, while verdicts of guilty or not-guilty fell to the inquisitors, the use of violent punishments was up to the secular authorities.

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