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Video about mind control and the pimp preacher:

The Dirty Secret of Pentecostals Part 1

Mind control and the pimp preacher. 6 Ways Preachers Trick You into Tithing

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So I can eat whatever I want no matter how unhealthy it or the portions are and another preacher who is perhaps even bigger and more unhealthy than me will pray it away so I can go back and do it all over again? This stuff is better than crack cocaine! Could this also be the problem?

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The nature of them is just details. That includes numerous Sunday services, conferences, ordination rites, pastoral installations, and yes, even seminary. The Black Preacher makes a bitch feel emotional 1, times in a matter of seconds, and they are Bosses at this shit, I got much love for the Black Preacher, I respect Boss Pimping on all levels. The story was not told that he and Pastor Di have given away a volvo, a benz, and a van to give single women with children transportation.

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Those who continue to flog ministers this way are participating in the same manner as the historical biblical personalities who crucified our savior, his disciples, and christian followers and believers through the ages until now. I witnessed a lot of bewilderment this past Sunday.

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And there is a scripture given for everything we do. Crying For the Souls Note to Moderator of this site: A bitch must feel a plethora of emotions from you on a regular. Their title makes the man and they are nothing without the title so they have to make others believe in it just as much as they do so it basically becomes their identity and name.

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