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If You Have Moles on One of These 7 Places on Your Body It Has Surprising Meaning

Mole on ankle meaning. Mole Superstitions

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Mole 22 A mole found on the base of your neck can sometimes indicate a short life, with the possibility of being highly stressed out. He will be profited from a lady, either from his wife or from other woman. This makes a man long for women.

Article: Meaning of Moles (Interesting)

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A mole on the inner corner of the left eyelid foretells that man amasses wealth in political life and lives to a mature age. Inner Side of the Lower Lip:

Moles are clues to your destiny

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A mole on the upper lip predicts the person who loves luxuries. It is an indication of great courage and good health.

Hidden Meanings of Body Moles

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His life will settle well after his marriage. He can also be a president leading a society or business organization.

Hidden meanings of body moles

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