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Indonesian Civet Cat Poop Coffee Brews Up Controversy

Monkey dung coffee. Elephant Dung Coffee: World's Most Expensive Brew Is Made With Pooped-Out Beans

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In the early 18th century the Dutch established the cash-crop coffee plantations in their colony in the Dutch East Indies islands of Java and Sumatra, including Arabica coffee introduced from Yemen. Digestive mechanisms may improve the flavor profile of the coffee beans that have been eaten.

Kopi luwak is made from coffee beans plucked from civets’ feces. This is bad news for civets.

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As a result, there is a growing market in fake civet beans. History[ edit ] The origin of kopi luwak is closely connected with the history of coffee production in Indonesia.

Important: You should pay attention when buying Kopi Luwak coffee!

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Defecated luwak coffee berries, East Java Several studies have examined the process in which the animal's stomach acids and enzymes digest the beans' covering and ferment the beans. Local customers, once relentless in their search for the real thing, now often settle for the knock-offs. It would appear that the Luwak processing diminishes good acidity and flavor and adds smoothness to the body, which is what many people seem to note as a positive to the coffee.

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Moreover, these farms produce inferior kopi luwak coffee because the civets can no longer select the ripest and highest quality coffee beans, as they do in the forest. In Indonesia these animals are known as luwaks. Kopi luwak production involves a great deal of labour, whether farmed or wild-gathered. Some farmers, for example, coerce them into eating beans by paddling them with sticks.

Why is Kopi Luwak so special and the most expensive coffee?

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