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Monroe wi movie theater showtimes. Goetz Theatre Movie Times

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Some unexpected innovations included seats equipped with earphones for the hard of hearing. Opening on 2 September , it was of semi-Moorish design, with faux balconies and moody cloud-and-star lighting on the ceiling. In addition, Duke liked the punchier color in digital.

Sky Vu Drive-In Theater

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Holding only seats, it sometimes showed films not screened at the Goetz across the street, but other times it would screen the same films—sometimes on the same night, with reels rushed back and forth. Those economies make it relatively easy for the big chains to convert to digital. It would be easy for us cinephiles to bemoan what happened between Sunday and Tuesday in Monroe, Wisconsin.

Sky Vu Drive-In Theater in Monroe, WI 53566

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By this coming weekend, all the digital screens are expected to be in action. But best not to prophesy.


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