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Monsanto compro Blackwater, el mayor ejercito de mercenarios del mundo

Monsanto academi. The Military’s New Microwave Heat Ray Gun: “We Can Shoot First and Ask Questions Later” *Video*

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France has given 91 million of the 94 million doses the Sarkozy government bought from the pharma giants; Britain gave 55 million of its 60 million doses. Similar reports of vaccines laced with hCG hormones came from the Philippines and Nicaragua.


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According to the report, a secret meeting took place on May 5, at the home of Sir Paul Nurse, President of Rockefeller University, among some of the wealthiest people in America. To a large degree they decide how much rain will fall, and on whom. They strongly recommended that thimerosal be removed from vaccines as soon as possible. The exclusive letter of invitation was signed by Gates, Rockefeller and Buffett.


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But the core argument of those who claim that the Monsanto purchase of Blackwater is not true lies in the fact that we can only officially document Blackwater being hired by Monsanto for years. Immediately following this extensive work that Blackwater did for Monsanto, they sold the company. Under the directive of the FDA Modernization Act of , the Food and Drug Administration also determined that infants who received several thimerosal-containing vaccines may be receiving mercury exposure over and above the recommended federal guidelines.

Geoengineering, Record Low Arctic Ice And Catastrophic Drought, What’s The Connection?

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