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Mos for combat medic. Combat medics complete transformation to modern-battlefield healthcare specialists

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Something terrible happens on a battlefield, and as the smoke begins to clear and the troops retaliate, you hear soldiers calling "Medic! While any enlistee with the willingness and aptitude can become a combat medic, ideally these candidates will possess strong communication skills, empathy, attention to detail, an interest in the sciences especially biology and anatomy and the ability to handle lots of stress under the most trying of circumstances.

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Infants and children 2. Description[ edit ] The primary role of 68W combat medic specialists in the U. Something terrible happens on a battlefield, and as the smoke begins to clear and the troops retaliate, you hear soldiers calling "Medic! They'll study the best ways to provide immediate treatment for head, chest, abdominal and spinal cord injuries -- the types of injuries that are most common in combat operations.

Basic Job Description For 68W Combat Medic

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During the transitory period, all 91B and 91C classified soldiers were given the Y2 identifier until completion of additional training to become 91W, reclassification to a different MOS, or discharge from the US Army. These medics serve as the basic or first tier of the Army medical system accompanying units as small as platoons approximately soldiers during training and deployments. Since these medical personnel are going to be working in high stress situations, combat medics need to show that they can perform their duties in the heat of battle. You will spend a lot of time with needles.

Job Duties

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Photo Courtesy of U. When no appropriate skill modifier is used, a letter "O", erroneously read as a zero "0".

What Does a Combat Medic Do?

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